What is OPAC?

The Osteopathic Political Action Committee (OPAC) was established to represent the osteopathic profession on the federal level and to engage osteopathic physicians in our mission to elect and re-elect pro-physician candidates to Congress through direct contributions, voter education and targeted political activism. As a physician, your time and resources are limited. OPAC is the best resource for you to learn who supports the osteopathic profession and how you can help elect a Congress that represents you, your profession and your patients

What is AOIA?

The American Osteopathic Information Association (AOIA) supports the Osteopathic Political Action Committee (OPAC), the sole political action committee representing osteopathic physicians on the federal level. OPAC was established in 1979 to be the voice of the osteopathic profession in campaigns and elections. Governed by a Board of Directors made up of seven osteopathic physicians, OPAC is constantly working to increase our effectiveness in elections and strengthen the position of the physician community in Washington, DC. OPAC’s primary goal is to elect and re-elect pro-physician candidates to Congress without regard to party affiliation. We accomplish this through direct support of OPAC endorsed candidates, providing voter information on elections, issues, and candidates in conjunction with the political activism of our members.

How is OPAC funded?

OPAC’s administrative functions, which operate the PAC on a day-to-day basis, are funded 100% through an annual grant from AOIA.  OPAC’s political efforts are funded through voluntary contributions from osteopathic physicians, osteopathic medical students and advocates of the profession.  100% of your personal contributions are given directly to Members of Congress up for re-election or to support the campaign efforts of candidates running for federal office.  Your generous contributions make it possible for OPAC, and the osteopathic profession, to have a significant impact in federal elections.


Contributions at every level are vital to OPAC’s success. Even the smallest monetary contribution adds to the growing cadre of osteopathic physicians standing up for our profession. Members of OPAC are instrumental to ensuring we have both the funds and the physician force to be effective in the political arena. 

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AOIA-OPAC is a federally registered political action committee and the contributions it receives are used to support federal candidates and committees for the advancement of the osteopathic profession. All contributions to OPAC are absolutely voluntary.  Contributions shall not be solicited or obtained by force, financial reprisal, or discrimination in respect of position or other participation. Corporate contributions, such as those drawn on office accounts, cannot be disbursed directly to candidates or committees. AOIA-OPAC reserves the right to use corporate contributions received to support its political education efforts, fundraising programs and other administrative costs to the extent permitted by law. Contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions or business expenses. Federal law requires OPAC to request the name, address, occupation, and employer for each person whose contributions exceed two hundred dollars ($200.00) in a calendar year.